refinance, mortgage refinancing, refinance loan, home mortgage refinance, mortgage, first time home buyer

refinance, mortgage refinancing, refinance loan, home mortgage refinance, mortgage, first time home buyer

Disclaimer: doesn’t offer mortgage loan and its not broker, lender in any transaction. The rate and terms of the loans are the responsibility of the broker and/or lenders. offers your info to the the broker and/or lenders and according to them it will sell to up five lenders/brokers. collects nonpublic personal information from its Users (who fill out the form) in order to match Users with lenders and brokers. By clicking the “Submit Form” button on the mortgage quote request form, Users consent to the disclosure of their nonpublic personal information to these lenders and brokers. The lenders and brokers may contact you by telephone or e-mail directly after they receive your nonpublic personal information. may also use information collected through our Web site for research regarding the effectiveness of the Web site and marketing and advertising efforts. By submitting your expression of interest you are consenting to receive telephone calls from our participating lenders and brokers even if you are currently on a federal, state, local, trade association, or corporate Do Not Call list. By completing and submitting mortgage form, you acknowledge and agree that you have authorized us to provide the information contained in your submission to participating lenders and brokers. By completing and submitting mortgage form on website you are extending an express invitation to any of the participating brokers and lenders to contact you by telephone or email even if you have previously requested that you be place on a Do Not Call registry and/or DO Not Email list. is not responsible for the rate and the term of mortgage offered by joined brokers and/or lenders and the rate and the term are subject to market changes and other factors and qualifications. Rates and terms offered by participating brokers and lenders may differ depending on your credit history and other qualifications, amount of equity in the property, location, and type of property, and other factors. Rates and terms are subject to approval by contributing lenders. All terms and requirements of any loan are to be determined by each broker and/or lender independently. The rates and terms you are offered are the responsibility of the participating lenders and will differ based upon your loan request and determined by the broker and/or lender(s) to whom you are matched. You may not be matched with the broker and/or lenders (s) making a specific offer. All loans are subject to credit approval by the lenders and/or brokers. Rates and terms are subject to change at any time without notice and it’s the responsibility of lenders and/or broker you are dealing with. Potential loan applicants inquiring through this website are not guaranteed to be matched with any specific lender, broker, or related service provider. Potential applicants may be, at the discretion of website operator, and based on information provided, preliminarily matched with more than one lender, broker, or other related service provider. Potential applicant hereby agrees to be contacted by such service providers in response to consumer’s inquiry, where said service providers may offer varying products and services not offered by others. There are many products, rates, and terms available and they may or may not be offered depending upon many factors, including but not limited to: 1) Credit History, 2) Type of collateral offered, 3) Documentation of income and other items related to creditworthiness of applicants and, 4) Eligibility and availability for certain programs offered based on State or local laws, investor and lender product availability, and other factors. Participating lenders and brokers are required to comply with all Federal, State, and local laws, including those governing equal opportunity lending, and fair housing.

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