Hiring a loan does not have to be synonymous with a headache, quite the opposite. There are several easy loan alternatives that can be the solution to your problems, you just need to know and understand the options that exist in the market.

We separate some types of easy loan without so many requirements at the time of hiring to help you. Check out!

Types of Easy Loan

Types of Easy Loan

The easiest way to get a loan today is by opting for the personal loan. This type of credit does not require as many criteria to the contractor, however, the interest rates are usually higher than in a refinancing of property, for example – they are still cheaper than entering the credit card or special check . Here are the types of personal loans available in the market.

1. Personal face-to-face loan

The face-to-face personal loan is one in which you need to move to an agency and apply for the loan. This is the most common way to take out a personal loan and this can be purchased at bank branches or financial stores.

2. Online Personal Loan

It works in the same way as the face-to-face personal loan, however, in this case, the hiring of credit takes place online. You can get this loan easily through the internet, through a computer, tablet or smartphone and in that mode the money is usually released within 24 hours after approval in the credit analysis.

Online personal loan is an easy loan mode because it can be purchased simply and quickly, without the client having to leave the house. In addition, when hiring an online loan, the client can compare the conditions of several companies, without getting stuck only to the conditions of a bank or financial store.

3. Personal Loan for Negative

Although more difficult, those who are negative can also take out a loan. To do this, just find a company with more flexible credit analysis, which accepts people with dirty name. Usually, some financial stores , for example, do this type of business, but know that it usually costs! Also, it is worth remembering that the release of the loan will depend on the size of the debt you already have.

How To Get Easy Loan

This will depend on the easy mode of loan you choose. To hire a face-to-face personal loan, for example, you will need to move to a bank or financial store and make the request. It is important to know that you will undergo a credit analysis that can take days and still not be sure you will receive the loan. Which complicates a lot if you need the money urgently.

If your choice is the personal loan online, you will need to find a suitable company of the segment, fill out a form with your personal data and wait for the next steps. Here, you will also undergo a credit analysis, but as the system is automated, the term is usually much less than in face-to-face personal loan.

In the case of the personal loan for negative, this can be contracted both face-to-face and online, but you will need to find a company that accepts people with the dirty name. Just like in other modalities, you will also undergo a credit analysis and the size of your debt will influence the release or not of your easy loan.

Where to get easy loan

Where to get easy loan

On the internet, you can find several companies that offer different loan modalities online. We offer credit alternatives with interest from 3.99% per month and the amount of the online personal loan is between R $ 1 and R $ 20 thousand. Fill out our form and find out what pre-approved amount we have for you!